Black Vista 1.1
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11 months ago

@KTATTOO Outstanding work. Like it.



7 years ago

I also love this theme. It really looks similar to the dark Vista-style and I also want to pose the question as it was so often: who really needs Windows (or shall i better say Windoof??) if we have guys like you, who bring this feeling onto Linux??

My answer to this would be: you did great work and I can only say: by by Microsoft!! You (Microsoft) have outplayed!!

You really seem to have a lot of talent on that and cracked the Windows-Styling, but you did it with a good reason. Windows takes money from people with their not really reasonable lizences!! And I also don't look into it, why I shall pay for such a styling to Microsoft, as we can have it here in Linux through guys like you and many others!!! Go on and keep up this good work, that Microsoft will learn its lesson!!!




8 years ago

Unfortunately, people are going to see the word Vista and make judgment instead of constructively criticizing your theme.



8 years ago

I'm one of them. And this because of several reasons

It may be a risk to copy a copyright-protected style. If you read the news about how microsofts reacts on the use of any similarities to their (in germany) called
"mental property" without their permission, you should accept that it is not a good choice to create them.

You have some talent and I believe that if you create a theme without having similarities to Windows you will recieve a greater response to your nice work.

oh i think this is constructive ;)


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