Windows Vista Aero Black
Beryl/Emerald Themes

Theme Emerald Windows Vista Aero Black

Italiano: Tema Emerald Windows Vista Aero Nero


8 years ago

v1.1: Amended color window
Italiano v1.1:Modificato un colore nella finestra

v3.7: Many changes including most large windows to resemble Windows Vista

Italiano: Vari cambiamenti come le finestre pií¹ larghe per assomigliare di pií¹ a Windows Vista


8 years ago

This is a virtually identical palette swap of this "artist's" five other themes, all labeled somewhat long-windedly with Microsoft trademarks. I suspect this is nothing but a covert advertisement or propaganda trick, but even if it isn't, it amounts to absolutely no effort or ingenuity, and won't be supported with my praise. Sorry for the harsh words, but that's how I feel.

Voted down.



8 years ago

Take this off of gnome-look. No one wants another mac/windows rip-off. There are too many as we have it. Rated bad.



8 years ago

I'm not gonna use it because I agree we should have more original stuff on here but it's done nicely so I voted good. :)

Nobody's forced to use it!



8 years ago

Some people may actually like this. Besides, what about recent Windows Vista refugees who may want something that looks a lot like Windows just to help them feel more at home, at least while they get used to Linux?

After all, even though this theme isn't my style, I'm all for anything to make Windows refugees feel at home in Linux, and I think some would appreciate this.



8 years ago

I agree. Windows converts may like something familiar (or they may not). The theme is well executed and looks good, which is more than I can say for a lot of "original" themes. Take a look at Ubuntu for a really crappy user interface! Where are the real artist??????? It has taken me almost a year to hack my desktop into something worth looking at. It should not be so! Again, well done on a nice looking theme.



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