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"Blurred Tops" Emerald Theme:

The theme is inspired by the blurred grass-tips from the grassy wallpaper that came with Karmic Koala. The buttons are from the "radial 0.3" Emerald theme by aceph.

- titlebar:
An active window has only the app icon, the window title, a maximize/restore button, and a close button all centered; inactive windows will have less visible titles and invisible, nonetheless clickable, mamixize/restore and close buttons.

- (edited) New Wave GTK Theme:
Notice the lack of separators on the gnome-panel on the upper right of the desktop. Also the gnome-panel is now black instead of gray; it's on 55% opacity via compiz. The theme is very easy to modify to this, but tell me if you need a copy.

As for the lack of panels and taskbars, my windows are managed through compiz (scale, show desktop, expo) and gnome DO (restore minimized windows due to lack of task bar). It's supposed to be minimalistic.

Feel free to configure this theme to your liking.
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