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11 years ago

I've been looking at these emerald themes. Apparently, to make an emerald file, you cd to the directory that contains all the themes files, then tar/gzip them up into a file that ends in .emerald.


1.) cd "Aero Blue Glass\" # have to use the quotes because of the spaces. And, I am referring to the "Aero Blue Glass" directory in the current .tar.gz file you have people downloading.
2.) tar czf aero-blue-glass.emerald * # this makes a .tar.gz file that doesn't have the .tar.gz suffix. It has a .emerald suffix.

That's all .emerald files are, .tar.gz files that end in .emerald.

Note that you can open any of these emerald files with "tar xzf <emerald file>".

I'd also get rid of all the spaces you use in filenames. Just makes it a little harder to deal with files on the command line when the have spaces in their filename. Plus, it looks weird. It's just not how filenames are commonly done. Well, I see it sometimes in video/audio file collections.



11 years ago

I need to find a really dark wallpaper to go with it. I'm using a dark brown wallpaper called elephant that comes with Ubuntu, and it's really not dark enough. Think I need something black to use with this theme.

I do think there's too much of that blue fuzzy shadow around the edges of the windows. It's a great effect, I just think it's too many pixels wide. I'm also not sure why that blue fuzz is showing up around the sides of my desktop. I've never seen that in a window border theme before. But, then again, this is only the 2nd emerald theme I've installed...


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