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- Eleegant Themes in RWMS-Style -

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8 years ago

2010/11/06 v_1.01 New Close-Button
2010/11/14 v_1.1 Made inactive Buttons alive


5 years ago

Well done! I like the style. :)



8 years ago

When I watch photos in Eye of GNOME 2.30.0 in full screen mode and press Esc, close and other buttons don't show up.

Second thing: This theme is one of my favourite but I think pixmaps.active_top could be a little more darker, because when two applications are open at the same time, the name of the opened document from bottom application is visible in window on the top. I had to use other pixmap. I think default darker alternative would be great.




8 years ago

Button's don't show up in "totem" too.
Seems to be an EMERALD-BUG with the
I made for You the "Remix-Edition" with
darker top-panel and activated U-Button.
Hope You like it.

~ ottlux



8 years ago

Indeed, remix looks better. Thank you very much.
I use it with Xp_style [bottom 1280x32].png from this panel background set:
but it doesn't look like XP. It looks better :)
And I use Vibrant SVG 9.7 icons.
Together it's a really modern and nice look but not fakes windows.
Cheers :)


8 years ago

2010/11/06 v_1.01 New Close-Button
2010/11/14 v_1.1 Made inactive Buttons alive

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